Fieke Mestdagh is a Clinical Herbalist, wild forager and fermentation enthusiast. With a tremendous passion for all-things-green and medicine-making, her true “nomad-spirit” has taken her to a myriad of forests around the globe. During her time living in the Swiss Alps, she hosted numerous medicinal plant walks and holistic health workshops. 

Her herbal practice merges the principles of Western Herbal Medicine with the nuanced diagnostic tools originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Assessing the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, while focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes along with the support of herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation is key to her practice in addressing both acute and chronic health conditions. 

Fro the past 4.5 years, she has had the privilege of studying under the guidance of esteemed educators such as Colleen Emery (Emery Herbals Teaching Centre) and Dr. Terry & Yarrow Willard (Wild Rose College of Natural Healing). As of early 2023, Fieke has engaged in close clinical apprenticeship with Poppy Burr, Medical Herbalist (The Hormone Herbalist), and continues to work in her mentorship. Fieke is committed to the ever-learning herbal medicine journey and is currently available for online consultations only. All consultations will be held in English but Dutch, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese can be brought into consultations if needed