Fieke is part of The Hormone Herbalist team.
Collaborating closely with Poppy Burr, Medical Herbalist.

What to expect from a Herbalist Consultation?

An initial consultation usually takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes allowing the client enough time to talk the herbalist through the ongoing health imbalance.

48 hours prior to the consultation, the client will be requested to submit the provided intake paperwork & a client consent document. The paperwork concludes of a series of health questions concluding: 

  • The main health concern along with the client’s personal health goals. 
  • Relevant past-medical history, family medical history, injuries and hospitalisations.
  • Your current prescription medicine and/or supplement protocol. 
  • A detailed diet summary, reviewing all that has been consumed 3 days prior, including 1 weekend day. 
  • A summary of current symptoms experienced per body system. 
  • Optional: A complete review of current state of reproductive cycles  if that’s relevant to you.  
  • Physical assessment including a photo of the tongue, eyes and hands. 
  • Any relevant medical testing and blood work analysis can be submitted for review. 

After the consultation, the client receives a personalised protocol including herbal medicine formulas, diet & supplement recommendations and lifestyle advices. In some cases, referrals for further medical testing can be suggested.  
How long will I take the herbs until I notice any improvements? 
  • Depending on the nature of the ongoing imbalance, acute or chronic, it is important to note that herbal medicine do not offer “a quick relief”, but rather work profoundly on a cellular level improving form and function. In certain cases, improvement can be noted within a few days or weeks although generally it is recommended to comply to the herbal medicine protocol and additional recommendations for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. For more complex imbalances, this duration can be extended. 

 When and how often are follow-up consultations required? 

  • A 45-60 mins follow-up consultation is scheduled within 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation. During this time, the herbalist will carefully review for any progression and will make necessary alterations to the existing herbal medicine protocol. 
What is included in the consultation fee and what is not?
  • The fee covers the consultation with the herbalist and excludes any herbal medicines and/or  recommended supplements. 
What kind of health conditions benefit from a Herbal Medicine consultation?
  • Both acute and chronic conditions that are non-life threatening. Herbalists are no Medical Doctors and do not make any diagnosis nor prescribe any medications. 
What are the benefits of consulting a Herbalist? 
  • Through a holistic lens, considering physical, psychosocial and mental aspects, offering a 1:1 traject including personalised herbal formulas, supplement recommendations, personalised diet and nutritional advice as well as further lifestyle advice and optional referrals. The consultations offers a multi-facetted natural healing approach and encourages vitality and harmony. 
I am currently in an ongoing treatment protocol with a Medical Doctor. Can I simultaneously benefit from a Herbal Medicine consultation? 
  • Yes, Herbal Medicine and prescription medicine can go hand-in-hand considering potential herb-drug interactions. 
I live in a remote area. Can I access a consultation? 
  • Online consultations are available and are set-up through Zoom. After the consultation the herbs will be shipped to your home address. Depending on the availability and location, shipment usually arrives within 7 business days. Shipment is an additional cost.